Clubs are run on a variety of days by both our teachers and external providers.

Throughout the year we make sure that all age ranges from Reception to Year 6 get an opportunity to take part in an out of hours club. A variety of different clubs are offered each term and include things like multi skills, Aston Villa football coaching, Irish dancing, chess, film club, poetry club, art club, etc.

Children and families are informed about clubs on offer through letters. The clubs are alw ays very popular with the children and enjoyed by all.

For details of the clubs on offer, please see our timetable:

Art Club

Mrs Jagpal invites Year 1 and Year 2 to join in with some arts and crafts on Tuesdays!

They will be drawing, painting, cutting, sticking and much, much more. This is a chance for children to get creative - maybe a little bit messy too!


Board Games Club

Each Tuesday in Board games club, children in Year 4 and 5 get the opportunity to play different board games with their friends. We play twister, operation, frustration and heads up!


Computing Club

Mr Kettle invites Year 3 and Year 4 children to the ICT suite on Thursdays after school.

The children play lots of fun, exciting games whilst practicing their computer skills such as controlling the mouse and typing. A perfect club for computer wizards.

Dance Club

Enjoying the groove!

Miss Georgiou invites Key Stage 2 children to join her groovy dance club on Tuesdays after school.

The children will copy routines and make up new dances to some chart topping tracks.

Dance club allows the children to keep fit, grow in confidence through performing while having fun!

Film Club

Children enjoying Film Club.

Mr Kettle and Miss Ward run film club for Year 1 and Year 2. Film clubs give children and young people the opportunity to watch, discuss and review films, as well as training and online resources to make their own films. This is a fantastic launch pad for introducing young people to film, as well as boosting literacy, critical thinking and filmmaking skills.

The children enjoy a different film per week and discuss the characters and the events from these films. They also enjoy a tasty cinema treat.

For more information about schools film clubs please visit Into Film's Film Club website (external link).

Football Club

Seb from Sporting Elite runs football clubs for Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6. The children play football in teams whilst practicing key skills such as communication, tactical awareness and co-ordination.

iPad Club

Each Thursday in iPad Club, children in Year 3, 4 and 5 get the opportunity to test out new apps. We have used different apps such as: Morfio, Captions and many more to learn and have lots of fun!


Multi Skills Club

Matt from Sporting Elite runs a multi skills club for the KS1 children on Wednesday.

In this club they practice lots of key skills involved in PE such as spacial awareness, hand-eye co-ordination and travelling in various ways. This is taught through many different sporting games and activities such as traffic lights, sharks/fishes and ball games.

Netball Club

Playing netball.

Miss Allen and Miss Dorsett run a Netball Club for Years 5 and 6 on a Monday.

They learn all skills related to netball and take part in friendly matches.


Phonics Club

Miss Allen and Miss Dorsett invite Year 1 children to attend phonics club on Monday.

At this club we revise previously learnt sounds and learn some new sounds. The children then play games to practice using their phonics skills. A club where you learn and have lots of fun!