Meet the staff of St. Mark's - as drawn by some of our talented children!

Miss Allen
by Arya

Miss Asson
by Miley-Jo

Mrs Doody
by Tiya

Miss Dorsett
by Chloe

Mrs Dykes
by Raiyanna

Miss Georgiou
by Tegan

Miss Grant
by Charlie

Mrs S Hussain
by Mahira

Mr Kettle
by Genevieve

Mrs Linley
by Amber

Mr Murphy
by Thien

Mrs Nellist
by Maariya

Mrs O'Shea
by Siana

Mrs Smalling
by Anisha

Mrs J Smith
by Aimee

Mrs S Smith
by Preeti

Mrs Stewart
by Lily

Mr Thompson
by Adeel

Mrs Usowicz
by Christina

Miss Ward
by Charlie

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mr S Murphy Headteacher
Mrs D Linley Deputy Headteacher
Mrs S Dykes Reception Teacher, Assistant Headteacher, SENDCo
Miss B Grant Year 1 Teacher
Miss L Allen Year 2 Teacher
Miss C Ward Year 3 Teacher
Miss R Georgiou Year 4 Teacher
Mrs K Khan Year 5 Teacher
Mr S Kettle Year 6 Teacher, Assistant Headteacher
Mrs A Usowicz Teacher (p/t)
Miss L Stewart Teacher (p/t)
Mrs J Smith Reception Teaching Support
Mrs S Smith Year 1 Teaching Support
Mrs M Doody Year 2 Teaching Support
Mrs D O'Shea Year 3 Teaching Support
Mrs M Smalling Year 4 Teaching Support
Miss M Dorsett Year 5 Teaching Support
Mrs H Nellist Year 6 Teaching Support
Miss E Asson Integration Assistant
Mrs S Hussain Office Manager
Mrs M Hussain Administrator
Mr R Thompson Caretaker
Mrs K Banger Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K Byrne Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Chander Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Chouhan Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Greaves Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Kaur Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss S Sabharwal Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K Beresford School Cook
Mrs Abdulle Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Ynus Kitchen Assistant