St Mark's Catholic Primary School
St Mark's Catholic Primary School

In Reception, we have been learning all about Rosa Parks. We learnt all about her courageous actions and how she stood up for what she believed in. We talked about how she changed the worlds with her actions and how that still affects us today. We acted out the story, created pieces of art and wrote newspaper reports of that remarkable day.

Year 1 learnt about Mary Seacole. We learnt about her courage and determination. We wrote about her in our Computing lesson, we painted pictures of her using colours to express her feelings during different stages of her life and then we ended the week with a Caribbean Day. On this day, we dressed up in brightly coloured clothes, we tasted food from the Caribbean, Mr. Thompson talked to use about the Caribbean and showed us artefacts. We also listened to different styles of music and danced to it and played instruments to it. This day was so much fun!

In Year 2, we have been learning about Martin Luther King during Black History Week. We learnt all about why he was famous and how he stood up for what he believed in. We talked about how Martin Luther King changed society and how much we have to thank him for today. We wrote a factfile about Martin Luther King and also learnt some of his famous speech. We made a collaborative collage showing Martin Luther King making his famous speech.

In Year 3, we learnt about Bob Marley. We drew and painted portraits of his famous face using different brushes and strokes. As a class, we sang some of his songs in unison focusing on our pitch. We also completed research and wrote a biography about him and how he became so famous.

In Year 5, we have been learning about Harriet Tubman during Black History week. We learnt about her life, the difficulties she faced and the amazing things that she achieved. We learnt that she was given the nickname Moses as she led other slaves to freedom. During the week, we have learnt the song Wading in the River by Eva Cassidy. This is a song about Harriet Tubman helping slaves become free. We have also created drawings of Harriet Tubman.

In Year 6, we have been learning about Barack Obama during Black History week. We researched his early life, education, achievements, career and how he became president and transferred our research into a creative writing double paged spread. We learnt how to sing the American National Anthem and discovered where and when it originated from and why it is so important to Americans. In our art lesson, we discovered hue, tints, tones and shades and learnt how we could create appropriate campaign pictures for Barack Obama.