St Mark's Catholic Primary School
St Mark's Catholic Primary School

On the 6th November 2019 we had a science investigation day across the school. All of the children became investigators for the day and did a full day of experiments.

In Reception we became little Einstein’s and investigated colour and how colour changes. We had fun exploring the walking water investigation and independently colour mixing challenges.

In Year 1, we are learning about Animals, including humans. On Science Investigation Day, we identified, named and labelled different parts of our bodies, then we found out about our senses. We used our senses to smell things, taste foods, hear sounds, look at objects and feel things. This was fun, especially the tasting.

In Year 2, we investigated whether our pulse rate increases when we exercise. We measured our pulse to get a starting heart rate. Then, we carried out various exercises before measuring our pulse again to see whether it had increased. Also, we tested different eggs in different drinks to investigate which drink had the most sugar. We predicted which egg would crack first.

In Year 3, we began our topic of forces. We played push and pull bingo to help us understand the different forces we create. We then focused on friction and how the surface of a ramp can affect the amount of friction on a travelling car. We used a ramp and different surfaces to complete our investigation.

To start Year 4’s science investigation day, we explored the effects certain drinks have on our teeth. We used an egg to represent a tooth and placed it in the selection of drinks to see the effects it would have to the shell. The children then followed the features of an investigation and proposed what we would be measuring and made some excellent predictions. To further our understanding of our current science topic of ‘Animals including humans’ we created the digestive system. The children really enjoyed getting stuck in to the whole system by making an interactive version, using lots of objects.

In Year 5, we investigated the question: What happens to our shoe size, head circumference and arm length as we get older? We spent lots of time planning our investigation and writing our method. Then had to move around school and measure the shoe size, head circumference and arm length of different children and adults in the school. Finally, we looked at our results and were able to answer our initial question.

In Year 6, we investigated the question: How does exercise effect our heart rate? We plan a scientific enquiry, each deciding on how we would carry out the investigation. We learnt how to measure our pulse and carried out different exercises to see the effect they had on our pulse. We were surprised with the results and analysed our data as well as discussing the degree of trust we had with our results.