St Mark's Catholic Primary School
St Mark's Catholic Primary School


Reception was the place to be if you had had emergency. We had a classroom full of police officers, firefighters, doctors, builders, engineers and nurses. We had a fantastic day exploring the different occupations and how they can help us in the community. We became different occupations and carried out parts of that job for the day.

Year 1

In Year 1, we are learning about The Gunpowder plot. We came to school dressed up and we learnt about Guy Fawkes. We created fireworks pictures and them made our own models of The Houses of Paliament, using lollipop sticks.

Year 2

In Year 2, we all came to school dressed as different explorers. We started the day by watching some famous rocket launches before having our day in Space. Firstly, we learnt about the different planets and used oil pastels to create a planets drawing. Then, we used balloons and paper mache to make our own planets.

Year 3

Year 3’s topic was European Countries. We all dressed up linked to a European country in some way. We began the day by finding out what countries are in the continent – Europe and we used atlases to label the countries on our own map. Afterwards, we looked curiously in the special bag at objects and different pictures; as a class we had to work out which country we were focussing on first. The answer was Italy! We completed a fact file about Italy and used our artist skills to sketch the famous Mona Lisa painting.

Year 4

Year 4’s topic was Vive La France. We started our day by looking at the French artist Claude Monet. We then recreated one of his famous paintings. We also learnt a French song, which has helped us learn body parts in French. At the end of the day, we performed a French folk dance.

Year 5

Year 5’s topic was Ancient Egypt. We all come to school dressed as something linked to the Ancient Egyptians. Throughout the day we developed our skills and created tomb paintings. We had to accurately draw a person for the centre of the painting and then add hieroglyphics and patterns to our design. Finally, we had to use appropriate water colours to complete our tomb painting.

Year 6

Year 6’s topic was the Tudors. We all dressed up and enjoyed a day practising our art skills. We began the day by investigating patterns used in Tudor times – what they were like and what they were used for. We enjoyed creating these. We then learn what embellishment was and made our own Tudor Monarchs using these skills. In the afternoon, we researched Tudor portraits and discovered why they were created and how. We created our own accurate drawings of the Tudor Monarchs focussing on accuracy and proportion.