St Mark's Catholic Primary School
St Mark's Catholic Primary School

Year 6 started the school off with Anti Bullying week leading an assembly. The key message was: Small Change, Big Difference.

Whether it is verbal, physical, online or in-person, bullying has a significant impact on a child’s life well in to adulthood. By making small, simple changes, we can break this cycle and create a safe environment for everyone. Because together, we can challenge bullying. Change starts with a conversation. It starts with checking in. It starts with work together.

Change starts here.
Change starts now.
Change starts with us.

Throughout the week all classes learnt about anti bullying with the message about how we can make little changes ourselves. Here are some of the things we got up to…

Reception – learnt the effect of unkind words with two apples. We discussed looking ok on the outside but been hurt on the inside. We discussed how we can change and use kind hands and words daily to make someone’s day better.

Year 1 – During Anti-bullying week, Year 1 discussed unkind words and actions that a bully might use. We also discussed what to do if we felt that we or our friend were being bullied. Year 1, made pledges against bullying, sorted the actions of a good friend and an unkind friend and wrote about how bullying would make us feel.

Year 2 – During anti-bullying week, Year 2 discussed how we might include people who are feeling left out. We made posters inspired by the Year 6 assembly about different ways that we can include each other when we are playing outside.

Year 3 – During anti- bullying week, we had a visit from Malachi and they taught us how to respond in different situations. We then spent some time role playing different scenarios and showing how we would act.

Year 4 – As part of anti-bullying week, we had a discussion about bullying and acted out a range of scenarios and we made posters to promote anti-bullying St Marks. Finally, as a class we made our pledges to be an anti-bullying school.

Year 5 – Year 5 were visited by Malachi during anti-bullying week. We talked a lot about how bullying made us feel and how what to do if we see someone being bullied. We are also reading a book in our Literacy lessons about a bully who terrorises another child.

Year 6 – Year 6 started off Anti-bullying week with an assembly for the whole school. They gave a powerful, moving message about how change starts with us and what we can do to ensure bullying is prevented or reported immediately here at St Marks. We spent the rest of the week writing our own anti-bullying stories and also creating our pledges.