New Hall Primary School
New Hall Primary School: Love to Learn

On Monday 25th November, Year 6 went to Stratford-Upon-Avon to visit Shakespeare’s birth place.

A lady spoke to us about primary sources and explained how these would have been obtained and what they had. We then used the sources to discover more about a man named Thomas Lett.

We then split into three groups and did a variety of activities. We learnt about coinage used in Tudor times, it’s worth, and examined some real 500-year-old coins. Our second activity was to look at an inventory and find out what type of items would be found in a Tudor house. Thirdly, we went down to the vaults to see the collection of artefacts they had. We discovered an original begging licence, a signature for Queen Elizabeth I, jewellery and parchment paper. Our final morning activity was to have a go at Tudor writing using ink and a quill. This was tricky! Finally, we had a go at creating our own seals. We had to be careful with the hot wax.

After lunch, we had a tour around Shakespeare’s birth place and saw his house, his father’s glove shop and the pub they extended onto the house. Finally, we gathered outside to join in some acting of famous Macbeth scenes. Our favourite was the witches from Macbeth! It was a great day!