St Mark's Catholic Primary School
St Mark's Catholic Primary School

Reception discussed rules and why have them. We discussed the fact that rules are made to keep us safe and that all of us in school have a right to be safe. We came up with our own classroom rules to keep us all safe during our school day.

Year 1 learnt about rights. They learnt that they have the right to stay safe and then discussed how to stay safe. They then made posters.

Year 2 learnt how to stay safe when crossing the road. We talked about the rules of crossing the road and what we can do to keep ourselves safe. We made road safety posters to remind others of how to stay safe.

Year 3 were introduced to the British Values of rule of law, democracy, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths. Each was explained in detail with examples given in an age appropriate manner. The children then explained what each of the four British Values mean to them and a class discussion was held with the children talking about how they can demonstrate them in school, at home and in the community.

Year 4 looked at the British values and had a particular focus on democracy and individual liberty. We held a debate in our class about the freedom to be individual. We then created hands with the five points of the British values.

Year 5 looked at British Values and focussed mainly on individual liberty. We discussed what individual liberty was and what this looks like in our society. We looked at a picture entitled Freedom Park and discussed the different people in the image. We brainstormed how we can show liberty in our lives.

Year 6 looked at British Values and focussed mainly on living in a democracy and rule of law. We discussed what a democracy was and identified the differences between democracy and dictatorship. The children had a majority/minority vote and we created new rules for St Mark’s – this was where we learnt the importance of understanding what you want to vote for. Six children volunteered to go in the running to be Prime Minister. The discussed with the ‘community’ how they thought Britain should be improved then devised a speech to deliver. As we live in a democracy, we voted in class to reveal the winner – Year 6 want a eco-friendly Britain which helps the homeless and reduces taxes!