St Mark's Catholic Primary School
St Mark's Catholic Primary School

We were very lucky to receive a visit from John McKorkill who has a physical disability. He delivered an assembly on his life and how we can become more aware of disability in our every day life.

We also explored Paralympians and different people in our society with a disability. The key message for us all to consider is ‘being disabled does not mean ‘un-abled’ just different abled’.

The whole school took part in various workshops throughout the day. We all completed a range of activities to make us more aware of what it feels like to be disabled.

For our first activity, we had to communicate with our partner without using our voices. We were allowed to use signs and actions only. This was quite frustrating for some of us as our partner could not always tell what we were trying to say.

For our next activity, we had a go in the wheelchair and we had to give our partner instructions for directions. However, our partner was blindfolded so our instructions had to be very precise and accurate!

These activities made us much more aware of what it might feel like to be disabled and taught us that disability is normal!