Event - Anti Bullying Week

12 November 2018


During anti bullying week we learnt about how to be a good friend. We talked about how it feels to say nice things to each other, and how it feels to say unkind things to each other. We used apples to help us with this. Every time the apple had an unkind thing said to it, it fell on the floor. We talked about how it can hurt us on the inside when we have unkind words spoken to us.

Year 1

For anti-bullying week, year 1 went to a special assembly to learn about what bullying is and what we should do if we think someone is bullying us. Then we had some circle time in our classroom to talk more about it. We know that bullying can mean name calling or hurting, and that it is not okay. We know that if we think someone is bullying us, we should tell an adult, like the teachers, or the lunch-time supervisors.

Year 2

During Anti-bullying week, Year 2 watched a fantastic assembly led by Year 6. We continued the discussion about bullying in class, the children role-played some scenarios. This allowed the children to gain a clear definition of what bully is. We discussed making the right choices and how we can help anyone being bullied in our school.

Year 3

During Anti-bullying week, Year 3 watched the assembly led by Year 6. Following this, we had class discussions about bullying and the children role-played some scenarios. We then created some posters to remind people that bullying is not right.

Year 4

During Anti-Bullying week we led on from the Year 6 assembly about respect and discussed what respect can look like in our everyday lives. We completed activities related to respect through circle time and role play.

Year 5

Year 5 enjoyed watching the assembly about anti-bullying. We had class discussions about ‘respect’ and what that looks like in school, in our community and in the wider community. Year 5 were given scenarios to which they discussed with their partners and created scenarios to solve the problem. We also had a class debate about our own personal views linked to anti-bullying.

Year 6

During anti-bullying week, the theme was ‘Choose Respect.’ Year 6 performed an assembly to the whole school showing different scenarios of people showing a lack of respect, and then what should have been done. We also spoke in class about what respect looks like and how we personally can show respect in year 6.

How Reception feel when kind words are said...
How Reception feel when unkind words are said...

Reception looked at Kind vs Unkind - what it does to the inside.
Year 3 acting out scenarios.

Year 3 acting out scenarios.
Year 5 debating whether there should be laws on bullying.

Year 5 identifying the effects of cyber bullying.
Year 5 thinking about how to report our concerns of bullying.