Event - Reception Visit Ash End Farm

14 March 2019

Today Reception went to Ash End farm to learn first hand about farm animals.

All of the children had a fantastic day feeding the goats, ducks and sheep, held a newly hatched chick and got a freshly laid egg from the hen house.

It was so fabulous to see all of the animals we have been learning about at school and talking about the animals and their young. We were lucky to meet some lambs and a newly arrived foal during our visit.

We learnt all about the goats.
We fed the goats.

Saying hello to the lambs.
We met a lamb who wanted to play.

Off hunting for the owl.
We found the pigs.

We saw a dragon.
Playing with a newly hatched chick.

Feeding and singing to the ducks.
Feeding the ducks.

Having fun on the jumping pillow.
Riding the toy sheep.