Event - Black History Month

2 October 2017

October marks the celebrating of Black History Month. St Marks are delighted to take part in learning about and celebrating the lives of those significant people in history who changed the world and rights of many people across the globe.

Each class studied a significant person in Back History throughout the month of October:

Reception - Reception learnt about Rosa Parkes. They learnt that a long time ago people could not sit to together on the bus because of their race. They heard and re-enacted the story of Rosa Parkes and completed different activities around sitting on the bus together now because of this wonderful woman.

Year 1 - During Black History month, Year 1 learned about Mary Seacole and why she was such an important figure in black history. The children designed art work portraits of Mary Seacole in the style of Andy Warhol’s pop art.

Year 2 - Year 2 learnt about the inspirational Rosa Parks. We learnt that in the past people were treated differently because of the colour of their skin. We made fact files about Rosa Parks and wrote diary entries from different points in her life. We also drew Rosa Parks using charcoal. The children had a great day and were very engaged in learning about how different things were in the past.

Year 3 - Year 3 learnt about the amazing Muhammad Ali. We learnt that he was a famous boxer who refuse to fight in the Vietnam war for the rights of African-Americans. He was famous for his boxing career where he won 100 out of his 105 matches. This afternoon, we painted a picture of the American flag with Muhammad Ali imprinted onto it.

Year 4 - For Black History Month, Year 4 learnt about Martin Luther King and how he believed that everybody should have equal rights, regardless of their race. We listened to one of his famous speeches ‘I have a dream’ and wrote our own speeches and poems to reflect how we would make the world a better place today. We also painted a portrait of Martin Luther King in the style of an artist called Damien Hurst.

Year 5 - For Black History Month, Year 5 learnt about Nelson Mandela. We had to work in groups to research a part of his life. Then we had to present this information to the rest of the class.

Year 6 - For Black History week, we studied the first Afro-Caribbean president of the United States: Barack Obama. Throughout the week, we learned about the life of Barack Obama and we wrote biographies that we then copied to neat for display. We also used grids to help us to draw portraits of Barack Obama.

Reception Drawing Rosa Parks using Charcoal.
Reception re-enacting the Bus Boycott.

Year 1 Mary Secole Pop Art.
Year 2 Drawing Rosa Parks.

Year 2 used charcoal.
Year 3's Black History Art Work.

Year 4 discussed ideas on how to make the world a better place.
Year 4 painted Martin Luther King in the style of artist Damien Hurst.

Year 4 performed their own I have a dream poems and speeches.
Year 5 presenting research about Nelson Mandela.

Year 6's Barack Obama Art Work.
Year 6's Barack Obama Biographes.