Event - Cafod Workshops

April 2019

Year 4 learnt about the journeys children across the world face when their homes and lives are at risk. They discussed how they would feel in such situations and made list of items they would take with them in the event of an emergency.

Years 5 and 6 spent the afternoon working together to learn about refugees. We split into groups of six and were each designated a role within a family. We then had to choose six items we would take if we had to flee our homes – it was a hard choice!

The lady leading our workshop then took us on a journey. We heard about the different stages of a journey potentially travelled by a refugee and learnt about the struggles, difficulties that they may face. Along our journey, we lost items for various reasons and when we arrived at a refugee camp, we found we were basically left with nothing. It was a very thought provoking afternoon.

Year 4 looked at journeys made by young refugees.
Making lists of items we would take in the event of an emergency.

Years 5 and 6 discuss why people would flee their country.
Year 5 decide what to take if they needed to leave home.

Year 6 discuss what they would take with them.
Reflecting on what we had learnt.