Event - Inspiration Day

10 November 2017

We all had a full day on our creative curriculum. We enjoyed lots of fun and exciting things for the whole day was focused on our current creative topic. Here are some of the things we got up to...

Reception - Reception’s topic this half term is 'People who help us' so we all came in dressed as the people who help us in our community. Our classroom was transformed into a people who help us hub where we had a dentist, a police station, a hospital and a fire station. We enjoyed putting out fires, taking X- Rays, talking about keeping our teeth clean and healthy and also took our fingerprints in the police station.

Year 1 - During Inspiration day, Year 1 explored the history of the Gun Powder Plot. We dressed as people related to our topic and created artwork using pastel chalks to create firework pictures.

Year 2 - Year 2’s topic has been The Great Fire of London. We all came in dressed up as people from the past, bakers and fire. The costumes were fantastic. Rayan won best dressed! We made a class piece of art using our hands and paint to create the fire and then scissors and black paper to create our silhouettes of houses and towers.

Year 3 - When Year 3 came into class today Miss Ward was very upset! She sat us all down on the carpet and broke the news that last night somebody had stolen an ipad out of the cupboard! Miss Ward and Mrs O’Shea searched our trays and found the ipad in Lacei’s tray! Miss Ward did not want to believe that Lacei would do something so awful so she decided we should give her the benefit of the doubt. As a class we held a mock trial that included a judge, prosecution, defence and a jury. We listened to arguments from both sides before making a decision of guilty or not guilty. We decided that Lacei was: NOT GUILTY!

Year 4 - On inspiration day, Year 4’s theme was the Greeks. In the morning, we learnt about the Ancient Greek Olympics and explored the similarities and difference with the Olympics today. We then completed our partner’s word search that they had designed during our computing lessons. In the afternoon, we explored Greek culture. Miss Georgiou taught Year 4 various Greek dances and we tried different traditional Greek foods. We had a wonderful day!

Year 5 - Year 5 have been learning all about the Egyptians. Today we had to design and paint an Egyptian tomb painting using everything that we have learnt about the Egyptians.

Year 6 - Year 6’s topic this half term is the Anglo-Saxons. The children dressed as Anglo-Saxon men and women and we even had some warriors. We wrote news reports based around events in the Anglo-Saxon poem 'Beowulf' and read about how Beowulf defeated the despicable monster, Grendel.

Cutting out our houses and towers.
Miss Ward planting evidence in Year 3.

Painting fire with our hands.

Reception all dressed up.

Reception did some x-Ray art in the x-Ray department.
Reception looked at healthy foods in the dentist.

Reception took our fingerprints in the Police Station 1.
Year 4 completed their friends wordsearch about the Ancient Greeks.

Yera 4 dressed up as the Ancient Greeks.
Year 4 learnt some Greek dances.

Year 4 tried different Greek food.
Year 1 all dressed up.

Year 1's gunpowder plot work.
Year 2 dressed up.

Year 3 giving evdience in court.
Year 3 giving the verdict.

Year 5's Class Photo
Year 5's Tomb Painting 1.

Year 5's Tomb Painting 2.
Year 6 all dressed up.