Event - Inspiration Day

19 January 2018

Today we all had a full day on our creative curriculum. We enjoyed lots of fun and exciting things for the whole day was focused on our current creative topic. Here are some of the things we got up to.

Reception: Reception’s topic this half term is 'once upon a time' we all came to school dressed as fairy tale characters. We made our own crowns and enjoyed playing in our castle role play.

Year 1: Year 1 have enjoyed sharing a fairy tale morning, exploring different features of the story to create their own exciting writing. We then became artists for the afternoon, designing royal bunting using paints, mixing our own colours and collaging crown usings a range of materials.

Year 2: Year 2 have enjoyed learning all about the moon and space. We measured how far we could jump on the moon and created our own moon paintings using flour, paint and glue lids to make craters.

Year 3: Year 3 have enjoyed learning about the Romans and the shields that they used in battle. Today, we designed our own roman shields. We drew symbols on our shields that symbolised things that were important to us. We can’t wait to make them next week!

Year 4: Year 4 have enjoyed learning about their new topic ‘rivers, coasts and the water cycle.’ Today, we learnt about how a river is formed and the different parts of a river. We then sketched our own painting of a famous river.

Year 5: Year 5 have been learning about how World War II started. We learnt all about how Hitler invaded Poland and created timelines of key events. We listened to Neville Chamberlain’s announcement that war has broken out and acted out different people’s feelings. We also looked at the main countries that were involved in World War II.

Year 6: Year 6 have been learning all about Shakespeare, we had some excellent costumes of people dressing up as characters from Shakespeare’s plays and even Shakespeare himself.

Reception made crowns for the ball.
Reception made princess jackets for the ball.

Reception wrote potions to help the fairy Godmother.
All dressed up in Reception.

Year 1 collaging crowns.
Year 1's monarchy topic.

Year 2 mixed flour and paint to create texture on our moon paintings.
Year 2 measured how far we could jump on the moon.

Year 2 painting royal bunting.
Year 2 used glue lids to make the craters.

Year 3 enjoyed designing their own shields.
Year 3 with more of their own shields.

Year 3 loved dressing up as Romans.
Year 4 enjoyed learning about rivers.

Year 5 dressed up.
A homemade costume from Year 5.

Year 5 creating timelines.
A homemade artefact from Year 5.

Year 5 homemade tank.
Year 6 all dressed up.