Event - Inspiration Day

9 November 2018

On Friday 9th November 2018 the whole school took part in an inspiration day to start our new topics. Have a look at some of the fabulous things that we got up to...


Reception’s topic this half term is 999 what is your emergency. On Friday 9th November if there was an emergency Reception is who you would call. We had a classroom full of police officers, nurses, vets, doctors, midwives, builders, fire fighters, teachers the list goes on. We had a fabulous day taking fingerprints, learning about healthy eating, and making our own x-rays.

Year 1

Remember, Remember was the theme for year one. We dressed up as people from the time of the gun powder plot, fireworks and guy Fawkes. We completed some firework art, made rockets and learnt all about the events of the gun powder plot.

Year 2

Our topic this half term is Africa. During Inspiration day, we made African masks and explored what they are used for in different tribes. We also made power point presentations about our costumes and any prior learning of Africa. Finally we had a music afternoon, using instruments to recreate African rhythms and beats.

Year 3

For Inspiration Day, Year 3 dressed up in the role of people from World War One. We looked at why the war started and wrote diary entries about how we would have felt when the war broke out. After this, we wrote prayers for all the service men, women and animals. We also looked at war propaganda and created silhouette art pictures of soldiers. We had a great day.

Year 4

For inspiration day, year four dressed up as Ancient Greeks. As part of our day, we performed a Greek myth, created our own Olympic medals out of clay and held our very own Olympics games. We all really enjoyed ourselves!

Year 5

Year 5 enjoyed an ‘Ancient Egypt’ themed Inspiration Day! They spent the day undertaking an art project to create an Ancient Egyptian tomb painting. Year 5 enjoyed studying art and artefacts, recreating art pieces, sketching, experimenting with water colours and creating colour washes. They designed their own Ancient Egyptian tomb painting and followed the steps using the skills they had learnt to create their own tomb painting! What an great, art filled day!

Year 6

For inspiration day, Year 6 focussed on the Anglo-Saxons. We completed some art work, made a timeline and learnt how they lived. We had a great day!

If you need help you can call Reception.
Reception at the dentist.

Reception taking police reports and fingerprints.
Reception completing x-rays.

Year 1 all dressed up.
Year 3 Dressed up.

Year 3 evacuees, prime minister, maids and war animal
Year 3 art.

Year 4 performing a Green myth.
More performance from Year 4.

Year 4 making olympic medals.
Year 4.

Year 5 dressing up.
Year 6 dressed up.