Event - Inspiration Day

1 March 2019

We kicked off our new topics with an inspiration day. Here are a few things we got up to..


The Reception class was transformed today into a farm, where it was full of famers and farm animals. Throughout the course of the day we learnt about farm animals, made farm animals from clay, wrote about farm animals, made some scarecrows and planted some vegetables in our planting area. We had a fun filled day. We look forward to continuing our work on the farm throughout this half term.

Year 2

During Inspiration day, Year 2 went back to the 1600 and dressed as people from the time of The Great Fire of London. We retold key events from History through our computing curriculum through the use of paint and write. We explored key facts and statistics, gathering data and then using JIT5 we generated bar graphs to display this data.

Year 3

During Inspiration Day, Year 3 learnt about European Countries. I came to school dressed up as someone from a European country. We started the day by sharing our projects. After that, we used atlases to firstly locate Europe on the map of the world and then locate countries in Europe.

Following this, we researched Europe to find out more information. In the afternoon, we recreated some paintings by European artists such as Banksy, Picasso and Monet. Then we tasted some food from around Europe. We had a great day!

Year 4

For inspiration day, Year 4 dressed for their creative topic ‘rivers, coast and the water cycle’. We had lots of amazing outfits and enjoyed the day. A few of our activities included, Water cycle in a bag which was extremely fun to make.

We then worked in small groups to create mini rivers. This turned into a competition for the best river with added extra signs and explanations. Year 4 were extremely creative with their rivers and used their river vocabulary perfectly.

Year 5

Year 5 came dressed for our theme ‘World War Two’. We spent the morning looking at events of The Blitz and designing drawings. We then worked on groups to create a final design, which we etched into circular polystyrene tiles. Each member of our group had a quarter of the circle to complete and we then experimented with printing methods to create a final print of The Blitz.

In the afternoon, we discovered what life was like for an evacuee and wrote letters home, pretending we were evacuees. We discussed how the children would have felt, what they thought and what the experience would have been like for them. We had a lovely day.

Year 6

For Inspiration Day, Year 6 wrote their own insults from Shakespearian time using the correct language. We had insult battles to decide who would win. We also completed a quiz about Shakespeare and drew portraits of him. What a great day we had!

Reception all dressed up.
Reception made animal eggs.

Reception made animal salt dough decoration.
Reception made scarecrows.

Reception played with the farm animals as farmers.
Year 4 dressed for the occasion.

Year 4 creating mini rivers.
Year 4's winning river.

Year 5 Blitz printing.
Year 5 etching into polystyrene.

Y5 painting our tiles ready for printing.
Year 5's final Blitz print.

Year 5's multicoloured Blitz print.
Year 6 dressed up.

Year 6 wrote insult battles using language from Shakespeare's time.