Event - Multi-Cultural Week

11 to 15 June 2018

During the week of 11th June the whole school took part in multi-cultural week where we learnt about traditions of different cultures and religions.


Reception learnt all about Catholicism and were lucky to visit our Parish Church – Holy Name. We learnt all about the role of the priest, the artefacts of the church and talked about how we are the church as people of God.

Year 1

As part of multi-cultural week, year one visited St Paul’s Anglican church. Here we learned about the similarities and differences to our faith. We were shown around with the help of our Year 6 Buddies.

Year 2

Year 2 visited the Hindu Temple. They learnt that Hindus believe that there is one true god, called Brahman. Brahman has many forms. We learnt about each of these forms.

Year 3

In multi-cultural week, Year 3 were lucky enough to visit Singers Hill Synagogue. We learnt all about the Jewish faith and how it is similar and different to the Catholic faith. We got to see the beautiful Torahs and we also got to try on the Kippurs. It was a fantastic day and we learnt lots!

Year 4

For Multicultural week, Year 4 learnt about Islam. We learnt about the 5 pillars of Islam and key features in a Mosque. We held a party to celebrate the Islamic celebration of Eid.

Year 5

On Tuesday 12th June Year 5 visited The Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick. When we arrived, we had to take our shoes off, cover our heads and wash our hands. We were given a tour of the Gurdwara and entered the room where the prayers take place. Finally, we enjoyed a meal of chips and beans.

Year 6

As part of our learning around multi-cultural week, Year 6 accompanied Reception class on their visit to Holy Name Church in Great Barr to learn about our faith and our church. Brother Andrew told us about the church and how it was celebrating its 80th anniversary – we even got to see a picture of the foundation stone being laid 80 years ago. We looked all around the church and learned the key areas of the church.

Year 6 also accompanied Year 1 to St Paul’s Anglican church. Here we learned about the similarities and differences to our faith. We also looked around the church of St Paul's and learned about it history. Year 6 were buddies to the Year 1 children showing how we take care of one another in our day to day lives.

Reception and Year 6 walking to church.
At Holy Name Church.

Brother Andrew telling us about the church.
Father Allesandro talks about his vocation.

Exploring the foundation stone.
Exploring the Tabernacle.

Year 1 on an artefact hunt.
Year 1 pupils in the pulpit.

Year 1 writing prayers for God.
Year 2 in the Temple.

Year 2 learning about Hinduism.
Exploring one form of Brahman.

Year 3 learn how to pray in the Synagogue.
Seeing the sacred Torahs.

Trying on the Kippurs.
Year 5 watching a video about Sikhism.

Year 5 in the Gurdwara.
Year 5 watching prayers.