Event - Year 1's Scarecrow Day

1 October 2015

On Thursday 1st October 2015 Year 1 made life size scarecrows. This is linked to our big question - What is it like in the great outdoors?

During literacy we have be looking at the story 'The Scarecrows Wedding.'

"We made our scarecrows with hay and some old clothes. The best part was drawing the face our scarecrow. Our scarecrow had a funny face!" - Leanor

"We made the scarecrows because we read The Scarecrow's wedding with Harry O'Hay and Betty O'Barely." - Lacei

"We made the scarecrows to scare the crows away. We are going to put one in the field by our planter." - Hafiz

"The best part was using the straw to make the scarecrow stand up." - Arya