Event - Sports Day

12 July 2018

On Thursday 12th July the sun was shining and the children enjoyed our annual St Mark’s Sports Day.

The children took part in bean bag, sprint and relay races, as well as testing their skills at Javelin and bean bag throws. We are all very proud of the children’s sporting achievements at this event.

It wasn’t just the children who participated in this event. Parents took part in sprint races and the teachers did the three legged race!

A truly enjoyable day was had by all.

Cheering on our houses.
The beanbag balance.

Throwing the javelin.
The beanbag relay.

The sprint race.
KS2 relay race.

KS2 javelin.
Year 6 girls sprint.

Year 6 boys sprint.
Toddler race.

Dads' race.
Mums' race.

The teachers' three-legged race.