Event - Year 5 at the Thinktank

3 December 2018

As part of our science topic ‘Earth and Space’, Year 5 visited the planetarium at the Thinktank.

We experienced a show about astronomy and space which included a tour of the night sky, adventures around the solar system and journeying to the edge of the universe. The show was enjoyed by all the children who took the opportunity to show off their knowledge!

We also got to explore the Thinktank which allowed us to travel to the past, the future and explore what we do in the present with regards to science. Year 5 enjoyed looking at artefacts from the past including 150 million year old fossils, discover robots and question what might happen in the future as well as explore the Science Garden.

We had a lot of fun!

In the Planetarium.
Acting out the moon landing.

Discovering 150 million year old fossils.
Practising road safety.

Exploring the Science Garden.