Event - Reception at the Thinktank

14 November 2019

Reception had a fun filled day at the Thinktank museum. They visited minibrum! A mini version of our city centre and role-played different occupations throughout the city.

We got our hair restyled at the hairdressers, new clothes in the fashion section of the bullring, were looked after in the health centre and built different things together in the builders yard.

We ended our day by becoming engineers, using a range of different foam bricks to create some tall buildings. We planned our designs first and worked together to create some fabulous creations.

Visiting MiniBrum.
Learning all about engineering.

Working together in the engineer station.
Making things together.

Planning out our designs.
Building a house.

Heave ho!
How may we help you?

It's a new hairstyle in the hairdressers.
Shopping in the local shop.

Looking after each other in the health clinic.
We have a mechanic in the house.