Event - Vocations Week

12 November 2018

Year 1

For vocations week Year 1 had a visit from Sarah, a nurse at the Birmingham women’s and children’s hospital. She told us all about her job, caring for children who have been hurt or who are sick. We talked about some of the times we have been in hospital too. We know that nurses have to work very hard and study for three years before they can start working. She showed us a pictures of some of the other doctors and nurses that she works with, so we found out that boys and girls can be nurses, and that boys and girls can be doctors too. Some of us decided that we would like to become a nurse just like Sarah.

Year 2

Year 2 enjoyed our talk with a mechanic who came in and explained his job role to us. We all held different tools used on cars and we explored the uses of each tool. Year2 asked our visitor lots of questions about why and how he became a mechanic.

Year 3

Year 3 really enjoyed their Vocation’s Week talk with Mrs Bashir, who works as a Paediatric dietitian. We learnt about the training required to become a paediatric dietitian. She taught us the importance of her role and she brought in lots of things for us to have a look at. We got to look at the different tubes that are used to feed young people with and the types of liquid based foods that they are given. Mrs Bashir told us that she has to look at the different amounts of nutrients that are needed per person and the amount of times a day they need to be fed. We learnt so much from her.

During this week, we also though about and discussed what God is calling us to do when we older.

Year 5

Year 5 enjoyed a vocations talk from Mrs Mansell who works for Network Rail. Year 5 learnt all about the skills and talents you need to work for a company like Network Rail. We learnt about how trains are delayed, engineers fix problems on train tracks and how important it is for the team to communicate to resolve problems and prevent them from happening again. Year 5 asked lots of interesting questions.

Year 6

Year 6 enjoyed a vocations talk from a police officer. She talked with us about the day to day life of police officers and let us try on some of the items Police officers need to wear every day. Some of us decided that we would like to follow in her footsteps and protect the public when we grow up.

Understanding the diffrerent roles in Network Rail in Year 5.
Understanding what causes train delays in Year 5.

Year 6 had a visti from a police officer.
Trying on the uniform in Yr 6.

Yr6 Trying on the uniform.
Mrs Bashir showing us feeding tubes.