Event - Reception's trip to Wonderland

30 November 2016

As part of our topic 'Once Upon a Time' Reception visited Telford Wonderland.

We saw the houses of The Three Little Pigs, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Old Mother Hubbard and many more. Father Christmas also stopped by for a visit and we saw him too!

A fabulous time was had by all!

On the Mad Hatter ride.
The gingerbread house.

Alice in Wonderland Teacups.
Spinning on the Teacups.

Friends together on the Teacups.
The White Rabbit Cars.

Outside the houses of the three little pigs.
Taking a closer look at the three little pigs.

The house of straw.
Meeting the giant... fee, fi, fo, fum!

There was a crooked man...
Old Mother Hubbard's shoe.

The Wicked Witch and the apple.
Looking into the house of the dwarves.

Ice Wonderland.
Yay! We're about to see Santa!

Meeting Santa.
We gave Santa our Christmas lists.

A cheery wave goodbye from Santa.