Event - World Book Day

7 March 2019


In Reception catastrophic events happened. Evil Pea has been on the loose and had got into terrible mischief in the classroom. Supertato was not in the country so he needed our help to help the other vegetables and catch evil pea. We wrote wanted posters to warn the rest of the school, made ourselves into superheroes by making masks, created our own Supertato’s and wrote about the naughty things Evil Pea had done to let Supertato know.

All of our hard work paid off when Evil Pea was caught and put back where he belonged... in the freezer!

Year 1

Year 1 got very creative with their outfits. We had two Harry Potters, three Little Red Riding Hoods, lots of super heroes, a Where’s Wally and lots more! We enjoyed bringing in our favourite books from home and telling the class why we love them. Then we spent some relaxing time reading and sharing our books with each other in the classroom. What a fantastic day!

Year 2

We started our day by sharing all of our favourite books and reading for pleasure, we lay on cushions and blankets and really enjoyed reading. We shared whole group stories and then reviewed our favourite stories.

Year 3

Year 3 started the day by enjoying a book. We then shared our book with our friends and wrote a book review. Following this, we created a quiz on BGFL 365, about books that we have read. This encouraged our friends to read the books in order to answer the questions.

Year 4

Year 4 dressed as their favourite characters. We also had chance to share our favourite books with our friends. We read a number of stories as a whole class and created book reviews of our favourite.

Year 5

Year 5 shared their favourite books with their friends. We made a class list of our favourite books and took it home so that we had more suggestions of books we could read. We wrote book recommendations and presented them to the class.

Year 6

Year 6 buddied up with a child from reception and spent some time reading with them. Both year groups thoroughly enjoyed this. Then, we worked in small groups to create a play script for a scene from Romeo and Juliet. We rehearsed them and performed them to the class. Lastly, we designed a book cover for Romeo and Juliet. The children were able to pick out themes of the story and portray this in art form. What a great day we had!

Buddy reading in Reception.
Making our own superhero masks in Reception.

Reception dressed as book characters.
Reception making our own supertato.

Reception writing wanted posters for Evil Pea.
Year 1 book characters.

Year 2 reading for fun.
Year 2 book characters.

Year 2 book characters.
Year 2 book characters.

Year 2 book characters.
Year 2 book characters.

Year 3 class dressed up.
More Year 3 children.

Year 4 dressed as book characters.
Year 5 Harry Potter fans.

Year 5 all dressed up.
Year 5 Iron Man from our class text.

Year 6 all dressed up.
Year 6 reading with Reception.

Year 6 wrote playscripts in groups.
Year 6 performed our scenes.