Event - World Book Day

5 March 2020

This year for World Book Day St Mark’s did something different and new. Instead of dressing up as our favourite book characters we dressed up a word.

As vocabulary and language is something we are developing as a school it was so great to see so many new words to develop children’s understanding. Each class did a vocabulary parade and recorded any new words in our Magpie Books.

The whole school focussed the day around the story book Tuesday. We completed a range of different tasks which included:

  • Newspaper reports
  • Wanted posters
  • Drama
  • Interviewing key witnesses
  • Our own stories with predictions of what might happen next Tuesday
  • Diary entries from different viewpoints
  • Stories with flashbacks

We had a fabulous day focussed all around our love of reading, language and fun.

Reception were shocked to find lily pads and frogs in their classroom.
Reception shared their writing with Year 5.

Reception all dressed up.
Reception writing incident reports.

All dressed up in Year 1.
Year 4 all dressed as words.

Year 5 all dressed up.
Our World Book Day lunch.

Sharing books together.
Writing our own Tuesday stories.

Sharing our love of the Tuesday book.
Year 5 reading to Reception chidlren.