Event - Year 2 Trip to Blakesley Hall

12 March 2019

Year 2 went to Blakesley Hall Museum for a Great Fire of London workshop.

When we arrived, we dressed as characters from the famous event of the Great Fire of London and also dressed as people from the 1600’s.

We explored Samuel Pepys’ house and also explored a kitchen from that time which would have been the same as Thomas Farriner’s kitchen in Pudding Lane, where the great fire started. We heard extracts from Samuel Pepys’ diary and role played key events from the story.

Boys frm the 1600's.
Girls from the 1600's.

Jane the maid.
Reading from Samuel Pepys' diary.

Samuel Pepys and King Charles.
Samuel Pepys' house.

The maid waking Mr Pepys to tell him about the fire.
Thomas Farriner.