Event - Year 3's Greek Day

15 January 2016

Year 3 came into school dressed up as a variety of different characters to do with Ancient Greece. During literacy we watched a video of a Greek myth then worked in groups to plan and write our own Greek myth. We really enjoyed writing them and used a wide range of 2-D adjectives that we had practised this week in literacy.

Year 3 researched Greek pots and look at the structure and design of them, comparing them to modern day pottery. We then designed and planned our own pots on large templates and included the design of a Greek Myth we had looked at in the morning.

Then it was time to get messy and we used clay to mould our own pots based on our designs. It was quite challenging! To end our day, we watched clips of Greek Dancing and practised copying the moves to create our own dance routine.

It was a very fun day in Year 3!