Event - Year 4's Roman Day at the Grosvenor Museum

27 June 2017

Year 4 visited the Grosvenor Museum in Chester to explore the Romans.

The children explored what life was like during the Roman times, by participating in a variety of activities including following cooking recipes, building mosaic tiles, identifying original and replica artefacts and playing various roman games. They were lucky enough to try on Roman clothing, including Roman armour!

After lunch, Year 4 enjoyed marching and chanting around Chester as a Roman army. They marched around the fortress and to the amphitheatre where they were given the opportunity to follow commands and were taught how to protect themselves with shields during a battle. This allowed the children to experience how difficult it was to be a Roman solider.

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Chester!

We explored Roman food.
We tried on Roman armour.

We made a Roman mosaic.
We formed a Roman army.

We learnt how the Romans defended themselves.