Healthy School

We are pleased to have gained Healthy School status. We actively promote a healthy lifestyle across the school by modelling good practice and by having high expectations. These expectations are also mirrored in the quality of food and drink we encourage in school.

We operate healthy school rewards if you have a healthy lunchbox or healthy school dinner option. You will get a stamp for the day if:

  • You pick salad and/or vegetables,
  • You pick fruit for pudding or have a fruit snack in your lunchbox,
  • Have a healthy drink.

School meals are provided by CityServe. Meals cost £2.05 per day (£10.25 per week).

From September 2014, all Infant children (Reception to Year 2) are entitled to a free school lunch as part of the Government's Universal Free School Meal initiative.


Our school dinner menus rotate on a three-week basis, and can be read below:

Salad Selection is available daily as an alternative or in addition to seasonal vegetables. Fresh drinking water is available daily. Chunky bread available daily.

All Key Stage 1 children also have access to fruit daily.

Ready to collect our tasty, healthy lunch.
The food is served by our friendly catering staff.

The healthy, nutritious salad bar.
Lunch times are fun!

A nice, healthy lunch box.
Another lunch box full of healthy eats.