Curriculum Overviews

Annual Topics

For 2019/20, the following topics will be studied across the school. Each topic has either a strong focus on either History or Geography. Our subject leaders have ensured that all the topics studied ensure that children at St. Mark’s gain a broad and balanced curriculum that is inline with the National Curriculum.

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Reception Magical Me 999, what is your emergency? Once upon a time in a land far away... Old Mac Donald had a farm Under the sea Around the world
Year 1 Terrific Toys Remember, Remember The Royals Queens Great Britain Holidays
Year 2 Expeditions Great Explorers Fire, Fire! The Great Fire of London Continents Africa
Year 3 The Roman Empire European Countries Stone Age to Bronze Age Bronze Age to Iron Age UK Land uses World War 1
Year 4 Ancient Greeks Vive La France Rivers Coastline and the Water Cycle Vikings Anglo-Saxons
Year 5 Walk like an Egyptian Raging Rivers World War 2   Amazon Rainforest Brazil
Year 6 William Shakespeare Terrifying Tudors Epic earthquakes Marvellous Maps Mysterious Mayans Café Project

Termly Overviews

Spring Term 2020:

Autumn Term 2019:

All Overviews are pdf files.