Spiritual Council

I am a servant of Christ. It is my job to go out in the world as a leader and a servant.

St. Mark's Spiritual Council is formed at the beginning of each year with two representatives from each class in Key Stage 2.

Here are our spiritual council members for the academic year of 2019/20. We pray that our spiritual council leaders will always follow their vocation to serve others and lead them in their faith.

Our Spiritual Council Leaders


The Spiritual Council play a vital role in Spirituality, Collective Worship and the Catholic Life of St. Mark's. They meet regularly with Mrs Linley and Mrs O'Shea and they are one of the many important pupil voice groups in school.

The Spiritual Council Leaders play a role in evaluating the Catholic Life of the school and they are always looking at new ways to improve the provision of Religious Education in school.

Some questions our Spiritual Council children wonder about:

  • "What is heaven like?"
  • "What does God look like?"
  • "How did God create humans?"
  • "How did God create land?"
  • "Why did God create the world?"
  • "What year did Jesus die?"

Spiritual Council priorities for this year:

  • Children enjoy learning about God.
  • Children, staff and parents take part in Extraordinary mission month, Vocations Week, Advent, Christmas festivities, Holy Week and other Liturgical Year celebrations.
  • Raise profile and develop participation in prayer and Mass.
  • All classes have liturgy leaders who lead prayer and reflections.
  • Encourage all children to be disciples of Christ by showing them ways to spread the good news.