Sports Crew

We understand that sport has many benefits, not just physical benefits such as:

  • reduce risk of obesity;
  • increase cardiovascular fitness;
  • healthy growth of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons;
  • improve coordination and balance;
  • improve sleep.

Sport can also benefit children’s mental health. Some of the other benefits sport has include:

  • better mental health, such as greater confidence;
  • improved social skills;
  • improved personal skills, including cooperation and leadership

Specialist Sports Coach

We are very lucky at St. Mark’s to have a specialist Sports coach who not only supports children to improve physically but also mentally as well through a tailored mentoring programme called Sports Crew.

Sebastian Hamilton, Sports Development Coach

Hi, my name is Sebastian Hamilton and I’m the Sports Crew Coach.

My role is to provide mentoring support to children at St. Mark’s through our Sports Crew mentoring programme. I perform this role by attending meetings in school, speaking with children and liaising with school staff. We deliver sessions based around both group and individual discussions with children, also taking part in physical activities.

During our Sports Crew sessions we work with the children on developing skills such as self-esteem, confidence, organisation, leadership and goal setting which are all life skills to support children to make a positive contribution to society. Important skills and learning that takes place include; working together as a team, building positive relationships, understanding the importance of goal setting, how to promote positive communication and listening skills and respecting each other.

Mentoring through sport is the provision of personal support, assistance, encouragement and inspiration to young people during the programme. We meet our children on a weekly basis and the children look forward to attending the sessions. It has been very successful and teachers have seen a positive impact on children’s well-being through the Sports Crew mentoring programme.


What Our Children Say

Two children proud to be in Sports Crew.

What our children said about Sports Crew in the evaluations:

  • "I find talking in a group a lot easier than before. I can’t make it (Sports Crew) better! I love it!" by Jemima, Year 5
  • "I learned that I can talk much clearer, it was so much fun." by Lacei, Year 6
  • "I’ve learned new games and how to teach children to play sports." by Aran, Year 5
  • "The best thing about sports crew was setting goals and I got better at team work. I can talk infornt of crowds better." by Amani, Year 6