Meet the staff of St. Mark's - as drawn by some of our talented children!

Mrs Abdulle
by Lily

Mrs Beresford
by Ellie

Mrs Byrne
by Daisy

Mrs Chouhan
by Tyler

Miss Cooney
by Tiya

Mrs Doody
by Preeti

Miss Dorsett
by Tyler

Mrs Dukes
by Rayan

Mrs Dykes
by Raiyanna

Mr Ellicott
by Eleanor

Miss Grant
by Chase

Mrs M Hussain
by Simi

Mrs S Hussain
by Simi

Miss Ison
by Eleanor

Mrs Khan
by Archie

Mrs Linley
by Natali

Mrs Nellist
by Cian

Mrs O'Shea
by Siana

Ms Rusenova
by Natassia

Mrs Smalling
by Shivani
Mrs Smith
by Taisia

Mr Stanley
by Rayan

Miss Stewart
by Sai
Mr Thompson
by Finn

Mrs Usowicz
by Christina

Mrs Ynus
by Daniel

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs D Linley Headteacher
Mr C Ellicott Deputy Headteacher
Mrs S Dykes Assistant Headteacher, SENDCo (maternity leave)
Mrs S Dukes Reception Teacher
Miss L Stewart Year 1 Teacher
Miss M Cooney Year 2 Teacher
Miss B Grant Year 3 Teacher
Mr D Stanley Year 4 Teacher
Mrs K Khan Teacher (maternity leave)
Miss S Francis Year 5 Teacher
Miss M Dorsett Year 6 Teacher
Mrs A Usowicz Teacher (p/t)
Mrs M Doody Teaching Support
Mrs H Nellist Teaching Support
Mrs D O'Shea Teaching Support
Mrs M Smalling Teaching Support
Mrs S Smith Teaching Support
Mrs S Hussain School Administrator
Mrs M Hussain Office Administrator
Miss L Ison Office Administrator
Mr R Thompson School Caretaker
Mrs K Byrne Cleaner
Mrs N Chouhan Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms R Rusenova Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K Beresford School Cook
Mrs A Abdulle Kitchen Assistant
Mrs J Ynus Kitchen Assistant