Workshops and Visits

Working with our Parents

At St. Mark’s, we encourage parental involvement in the school curriculum as we feel this will further support and benefit our children to not only develop a love of learning but also a range of skills.

We hold a variety of parent workshops throughout the year focused around the curriculum. In addition, parents are invited to performances, assemblies, presentations, meetings and a range of other events.

At the end of every parent workshop, we request feedback and this is used to further improve future workshops. If you are a parent and have suggestions on how we can further improve our cur-riculum. Please contact the Headteacher, Mrs Linley.


Educational Visits

Educational visits are when learning takes place off the school site. These are often led by external providers. At St. Mark’s, we provide the children with a stimulating curriculum and opportunities to engage in learning outside of the classroom.

The benefits of educational visits include:

  • They widen children’s experiences.
  • They offer learning, skills and experiences which cannot be taught in the classroom.
  • Opportunity to have fun/enjoyment away from the classroom.
  • Off site visits develop awareness skills.
  • Provides experience of new environments and learning new things.
  • Exposure to new cultures and experiences.
  • Engagement with a topic.
  • Promotes a love of learning.
  • The learning can be delivered by a provider with expertise in the subject area.


To ensure that our children remain safe when offsite we:

  • Carry out thorough risk assessments.
  • Conduct a preliminary visit to assess that the site is suitable and accessible for the children.
  • Read the venue’s own risk assessment.
  • Consider the needs of the children.
  • Take into consideration the needs of the adults.
  • Complete risk assessments for the mode of transport.
  • Risk assessments are shared with all adults on the visit.

Following the completion of a risk assessment, they are read and approved by the Educational Visits Coordinator and the Headteacher.

Whilst on the visits, visit leaders continuously assess the risks and act accordingly.

In the event of an emergency, procedures are in place where staff act to ensure everyone is safe and then inform the emergency services and school.

All visit leaders have, high standards and expectations for behaviour.

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