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  • 21 Mar 17: Updated Pupil Premium report for 2015/16.
  • 21 Mar 17: Year 2 presented their Assembly on Bravery.
  • 21 Mar 17: Year 2 enjoyed their trip to to Leicester's Space Museum.
  • 21 Mar 17: We enjoyed a visit from Mr Colin Diamond, CEO of Birmingham City Council.
  • 21 Mar 17: Year 4 performed their class assembly on the theme of Kindness.
  • 10 Mar 17: Updated information on the Clubs on offer to our children.
  • 10 Mar 17: A link to the Wednesday Word website.
  • 10 Mar 17: Some new photographs in our School Tour.
  • 10 Mar 17: Year 5 enjoyed indoor wall climbing on their visit to Rock Up.
  • 10 Mar 17: Year 2 learnt about the Victorians on their trip to Blists Hill.
  • 10 Mar 17: Our Year 5 and 6 children took place in a Basketball Tournament.
  • 02 Mar 17: Additional summer term diary dates.
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