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St Mark's Catholic Primary School

Physical Education

Our Vision

At St. Mark’s Catholic Primary School we want all children to develop a love of PE through positive experiences, in order to build physical literacy and body confidence, encourage healthy lifestyles and promote sport for life.

Subject Intent

What is our intent for all children to achieve in this subject?

Our aim is to give all children access to regular, quality and most importantly, positive experiences of PE throughout their time with us at St. Mark’s in order to promote sport for life. We want children to see and understand the benefits of leading an active lifestyle, so that they will continue to enjoy sports outside of school too, either through extra-curricular activities, with their families or in the wider community. PE has a high profile as it helps children enjoy school, grow friendships, build confidence and increase resilience. PE is used as a tool to encourage positive behaviour and to enable children to have unique and memorable experiences through involvement in sport.

Curriculum Overview

Year GroupAutumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
ReceptionGross motor skills – agility, balance and coordinationLooking after our bodies – being healthy Gross motor skills – movement, strengthGross motor skills – position, spacial awarenessFine motor control – using a smaller ballSetting and achieving simple goals
Year 1Throwing and catchingDanceGymnasticsBat and BallTeam GamesAthletics
Year 2FootballDanceGymnasticsThrowing and CatchingTeam GamesAthletics
Year 3Team Games 1GymnasticsDanceTeam Games 2Outdoor / Adventurous ActivitiesAthletics
Year 4Team Games 1GymnasticsDanceTeam Games 2Outdoor / Adventurous ActivitiesAthletics
Year 5Team Games 1GymnasticsDanceTeam Games 2Outdoor / Adventurous ActivitiesAthletics
Year 6Team Games 1GymnasticsDanceTeam Games 2Outdoor / Adventurous ActivitiesAthletics


At St. Mark’s, every class in Key Stage 2 experiences swimming lessons over the course of the year. We use Perry Beeches swimming baths in Great Barr. This is our local leisure centre to the school. Swimming lessons last 30 minutes and are taught by qualified staff.

The National Curriculum requirement for all children leaving Year 6 is to:

  • swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres
  • use a range of strokes effectively
  • perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations

Our aim at St. Mark’s is to get as many children as possible achieving the national curriculum requirement. We start children in Year 3 and we also give booster sessions to help children achieve the outcome intended. Our swimming timetable for 2023/24 is:

  • Autumn 1 – Year 6
  • Autumn 2 – Year 3
  • Spring 1 – Year 4
  • Spring 2 – Year 5
  • Summer 1 – Booster sessions
  • Summer 2 – Booster sessions

More Information

What does PE looks like in action at St. Mark’s…

All classes are assigned two hours of PE each week. Generally, one lesson is delivered by an outside provider working alongside class teachers, with teachers delivering the second themselves with the support of our PE curriculum and PE coordinator when required. In addition, there are a number of extra-curricular offerings available to years 1-6 before and after school each week.

Starting in reception class, PE helps children achieve the early years prime area objectives of physical development, but also, aspects of communication and language and personal, social and emotional development too. Children have opportunities to develop their gross and fine motor skills through a range of movements and activities. Into KS1, there is still a big focus on agility, balance and coordination in order for all children to become physically literate and confident in their movements. Finally, in KS2, there is more emphasis on tactical awareness and evaluating and improving performance, with a view to providing opportunities for every child to represent the school through sport if they choose to.

During each academic year, all children from classes 1-6 swim for a term. This enables them to learn this essential life skill and become confident around the water, as they have a block of 12 weeks every year. The outdoor and adventurous activities part of the curriculum is covered through visits and a residential, as well as planned curriculum time on site. We believe it is vital to provide challenge, build confidence and give all children opportunities to try new and exciting activities.

On site, we have a brand new astro-turf facility to add to our grass, adventure play equipment and playground areas. These, combined with a number of trained sports leaders and sports coaches, all helps to make break and lunchtimes active and enjoyable. Finally, cross-curricular links are strongly encouraged to enable our children to be active and enjoy the outdoors in other subjects too.

See our timetable of clubs currently running on our School Clubs page.

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What our children say…

“I really enjoyed the dance filming and getting to freestyle in the middle.” – Chase, Class 5

“PE is my favourite because we do lots of different sports and we get to be active and play fun games.” – De Jaurne, Class 1

“I didn’t think I was any good at cricket, but now I am. I liked the coach and now I can hit the ball far!” – Raiyanna, Class 4


Some children from cricket club with prizes from National Cricket Week

Dance lessons with Dance XChange

Sports Day - working together to record scores

Class 5 Sports Day completing a range of athletics activities

Some of our brand new sports kit

Upton Warren visit – outdoor and adventurous activities, developing communication, teamwork and perseverance