St Mark's Catholic Primary School
St Mark's Catholic Primary School


We encourage parents to dress children in school uniform, which at present consists of:


  • White polo shirt with embroidered emblem
  • Red sweatshirt with embroidered emblem
  • Grey trousers or pinafore/skirt (woollen tights may be worn)
  • Shoes (not trainers or boots)


  • Red checked dress
  • Socks (nylon tights are not allowed)
  • White polo shirt and trousers
  • We request pupils wear a hat/cap in hot weather (red baseball cap with school emblem)
  • Reading bag, with emblem
  • Pump bag, with emblem

For PE your child will need a pair of black shorts, red t-shirt (with emblem) and a pair of slip on pumps (available from any supplier). Children will not be permitted to take part in PE lessons in shoes which they have walked to school in and will be wearing all day. A change of footwear must be provided for PE lessons.

Examples of our school uniform

Examples of our school uniform

Suppliers of St. Mark’s School Uniform