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Hi Saint Marks! It’s Jesse Lal and I really hope you are okay. If you are wondering, yes, I have been on TV and I find it quite embarrassing. But otherwise, tell Miss Stewart, Miss Dykes, Miss Dorsett and all of the other people I said hi! Love you all. PS I might drop in someday.

Rating: Excellent

Jesse Lal

21 Jul 2023

I left the school in March (due to Covid 19)and I can’t imagine a better experience in primary. All teachers really care about you and wish the best for you! I would never forget how privileged I was to attend such a positive place! I really do appreciate all of the teachers that i have built a close relationship to! I really is annoying that i can’t see any of the staff members and give them a hug, but it’s to keep all of us safe! Good luck to everyone and hope the future treats you good. Thank you St Mark’s.

Rating: Excellent

Zara Lal

11 Nov 2020

I attended the school from 1976 – 1983 Mr Rowe was the best teacher and treated me as an equal. I remember the school secretary Mrs Chadwick, lovely lady and also the head was Mrs Knight. We had mass every Thursday with Father Boyle. Such fond memories.

Rating: Excellent

Surinder Kaur

08 Oct 2019

I just left this school and started secondary school. I honestly never thought that I would miss and be sad about leaving this school until my last week. This is truly a great school and I will never forget the privellege I had to attend this amazing school. The teachers are great and leaving them, my friends, and all of my roles and relationships I had with the younger classes was awful and hard to leave. It will take along time to get used to it and I know I will visit this school soon on a free day. I recommend this school to everyone. See you soon!

Rating: Excellent


08 Oct 2019

It was a real pleasure to have been in this school from y3 to y5 (2012,2013,2014), before moving to Reunion Island. I often think of my friends, the personal…Thank you for everything,I love you all!

Rating: Excellent

Camille Laloe

11 Jan 2019

The key stage 2 Carol service was a pleasure to attend and see the children (and staff) enjoy themselves.

Rating: Excellent


19 Dec 2018

In 2015 I was a student at st marks and I can say my time from reception to year 6 was a hard time but thanks to the staff that was able to support me was phenomenal and I couldn’t thank them more and now I’m in year 10 I still miss the school more and more everyday.

Rating: Excellent


09 Dec 2018

I attended St Marks from 1977 -1984 and I am sitting here in New Zealand reminiscing with my mum about all the teachers from back then! Especially Mrs Morrell and Mr Rowe. Loved my time at St Marks… many happy memories!

Rating: Excellent

Anne-Marie (Purcell) Kelly

30 Nov 2017

This school is so great and I hope I never forget my best friends that I made here. The best thing about this school is that most people have a special bond with teachers here and it is great! I will miss this school.

Rating: Excellent


22 Aug 2016

Even now that I am in Secondary school, I have finally realised how fortunate I was and what a pleasure it was to be a student and a representative of St. Marks catholic primary school. After I had a unforgettable experience where I met life friends and staff who I will never ever forget.

Rating: Excellent

Mahira Rehman

05 Jun 2016

Great I love this website. Seen the pic of me and tierrie heehee. Hopefully I will never forget this school and my friends.

Rating: Excellent


14 Apr 2015

I like the school website because it is vey bright and not complicated. It is also really useful.

Rating: Excellent


27 Mar 2015

I’m a member in y6 and I really love the new school website. It’s full of colouful desings. I have really enjoyed going on this new school website because it’s differnt.

Rating: Excellent


21 Mar 2015

This website is very colourful and easy to use. Also it has a very nice background that incorporates the school logo.

Rating: Very Good

Simran Bhatti

20 Mar 2015