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It is our aim that the teaching and learning of Science at St. Mark’s creates a love and enjoyment for the subject.

We educate young minds and provide them with the scientific knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to succeed in life so that they begin to think like scientists as we believe that all children have the potential to be future scientists, mathematicians, engineers and technicians.

Science lessons foster a keen interest and passion for science by providing children with fun, informative and engaging lessons.

Fun and engaging science lessons are taught weekly across the whole school, from Reception to Year 6.

In science lessons, children gain scientific knowledge and understanding so that they can plan and carry out investigations based around the five areas of scientific enquiry:

  • Fair testing
  • Observation over time
  • Pattern seeking
  • Identifying, classifying and grouping
  • Researching using secondary sources.

We encourage our children to be curious learners and actively seek out answers to questions of a scientific nature.

Every term, St. Mark’s leads a Science Investigation Day whereby the whole day is dedicated to scientific enquiry.

During British Science week, children take part in Science competitions and are engaged in fun science workshops provided by ‘real scientists’.

Alongside this, St. Mark’s has established links with Newman University’s science department where they have welcomed our Year 5 children to the university to have a whole day of Science and Engineering fun!

For more information on our teaching of Science across the year groups, see our Long Term Plan:


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