St Mark's Catholic Primary School
St Mark's Catholic Primary School

Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intent at St. Mark’s

Here at St. Mark’s we pride ourselves in providing all our children with a broad and balanced curriculum which is engaging, exciting and varied. All subjects are taught specifically and discretely in order to ensure full coverage of the national curriculum objectives in each area. Some rotation of subjects occurs each term, but all key strands are taught in all subjects over the course of each academic year. Where possible, lessons are practical with use of resources to aid understanding and help make learning fun and memorable. We also like to link learning with real life situations to give it more purpose, which increases motivation.

As a Catholic school, RE and our faith is extremely important to us. It is considered a core subject alongside maths and English. Maths and English lessons are delivered daily, as well as aspects of RE which are part of our routines, including prayers and assemblies, in addition to the two separate, weekly RE lessons.

Beyond the core curriculum are all of the non-core subjects which enable our children to experience a wide range of enriching activities. These subjects consist of science, PE, computing, history, geography, music, art, D&T, PSHE and citizenship, and our chosen language – French. Each subject has its designated subject leader who strives to continually improve the provision offered in their subject area.

In order to enhance each subject and help bring the curriculum to life, we regularly go out on educational visits or work alongside outside providers in order to offer unique experiences on site. We believe these special occasions are crucial to add enjoyment and create long-lasting learning and memories.

Our recent visits have included an over-night residential which covers the ‘outdoor and adventurous activities’ aspect of the PE curriculum, and a science day at a local secondary school to give children a taste of the equipment and sort of experiments they are able to perform once they get to ‘big school’.

On site, we have enjoyed visits from artists, authors, musicians, historians and scientists. Amongst our most memorable and enjoyable days have been the African drumming and International Dance Festival workshops. Such special days are imperative to keep our children motivated so that they learn more and remember more.

Below, you will find links to the curriculum objectives delivered in each class for each term and these will continue to be updated on a termly basis. For more subject-specific information, please search the ‘subject information’ section of our website.