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Subject Intent

What is our intent for all children to achieve in this subject?

Our intent for History at St. Mark’s is that, the teaching of History will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain and the wider world. They will build a worthwhile understanding of History as a construct and know that the story of the past is told differently.

Our aim is to ignite children’s curiosity about the past, understanding that history is created from evidence that remains and sometimes this evidence is fragmentary and contradictory. We will ensure that children understand that all is not what it seems and encourage them to ask questions, test for reliability and form judgements of their own.

Our aim is that all children will become open-minded and respectful of evidence later in life. At St. Mark’s we will encourage children to think like detectives, hunt down clues and solve historical puzzles whilst learning about different aspects of the past and developing chronological understanding. We aim for our children to also experience history through fieldwork and historical experiences and provide countless opportunities. By the time our children leave St. Mark’s we aim for them to be curious of the past, always asking questions and be able to explain coherently what they have learnt.

Curriculum Overview

More Information

What our children say…

“I know that the Wright Brothers went on the first flight. They made a MASSIVE aeroplane and it was a long time ago. It was before my Grandma was born.” – Rico

“We learnt about some great explorers and they were on Zoom to us in our classroom. It was lockdown so they couldn’t come into school but we saw them anyway. We learnt about lots of expeditions they went on.” – Dylan

“I enjoyed learning about WW2. It wasn’t as straight forward as it seemed. They used a lot of propaganda to trick people and things were not always as you thought. Children were sent away to the countryside to be kept safe and many people had to flee their homes. WW2 started in 1939, it is crazy that that isn’t really that long ago, Captain Tom Moore faught in that war – he was an inspiration.” – Tay

Holding up a Windrush flag during a talk from two veterans from the Windrush generation came to visit our class

Sorting facts about the first flight

Class 6 learnt a great deal during their themed WWII day

Class 5 explorers

Class 3 loved their Egyptian theme day for their history topic

Class 4 as Romans for the day