St Mark's Catholic Primary School
St Mark's Catholic Primary School

School Clubs

Clubs are run on a variety of days by both our teachers and external providers.

Throughout the year we make sure that all age ranges from Reception to Year 6 get an opportunity to take part in an out of hours club. A variety of different clubs are offered each term and include things like multi skills, Aston Villa football coaching, Irish dancing, chess, film club, poetry club, art club, etc.

Children and families are informed about clubs on offer through letters. The clubs are always very popular with the children and enjoyed by all.

Clubs for Autumn Term 1 2021:

Day/TimeClubYear Groups
Monday 3.15-4.15Dance with Dance XChange1, 2, 3
Monday 3.15-4.15Cooking with Mrs Beresford6
Monday 3.15-4.15ICT Coding with Miss Stewart4, 5
Tuesday 3.15-4.15Music with Miss Francis4, 5, 6
Tuesday 3.15-4.15Choir with Mrs Teall4, 5, 6
Tuesday 3.15-4.15Art Club with Miss Cooney2, 3
Wednesday 7.45-8.40Cricket with Warks Coaches3, 4, 5, 6
Thursday 7.45-8.40Gardening with Mr Ellicott5, 6
Thursday 7.45-8.40Multi-Sports with GSA Coaching1, 2
Friday 7.45-8.40Multi-Sports with GSA Coaching3, 4
Friday 3.15-4.15Basketball with West Brom BC4, 5, 6

Basketball Club

Coach Anthony from West Brom Basketball Club delivers these sessions, which are very popular after school.

The children love our new basketball posts and their skills are improving significantly. Basketball is becoming a favourite activity at break and lunch times too.

Board Games Club

Practising our basketball skills

Board Game Club

Each Tuesday in Board games club, children in Year 1 and 2 get the opportunity to play different board games with their friends.

We play twister, operation, frustration and heads up!

Board Games Club

Playing games with our friends

Choir and Music Club

Children enjoy expressing themselves through the use of instruments and using their voices each week at choir and music club.

We explore a wide range of genres of music and learn new songs each week.  Children are given the opportunity to perform within small groups to showcase their musical talents.

Board Games Club

Playing musical instruments

Chance to Shine Warwickshire Cricket Club

A number of our children have enjoyed this before school club since the summer term. They are developing their cricket skills including throwing, catching and striking.

Coach Chaz is great with the children instilling the spirit of cricket through his sessions too, ensuring the children enjoy the game and conduct themselves in a sporting manner at all times.

Board Games Club

Children enjoying a cricket game

Coding Club

Coding Club takes place on Mondays with Miss Stewart.

In Coding Club, the children use Scratch and Kodu to create worlds and to program sprite.

Cookery Club

Coding on the computers

Cookery Club

Cookery Club takes place after school on a Monday for Year 6.

The club is led by Mrs Beresford our school cook. During the club the children learn many skills including cutting, kneading and mixing. They learn to read labels as well as about allergens and food hygiene. The children learn to make many foods including bread, flapjacks and fruit salads.

Cookery Club

Making dough

Dance Club

Miss Georgiou invites KS2 to join her groovy dance club on Thursdays after school.

The children will copy routines and make up new dances to some chart topping tracks.

Dance club allows the children to keep fit, grow in confidence through performing while having fun!

Dance Club

Enjoying the groove!

Dance Club with DanceXChange

A number of our younger children attend this club after school and get so many benefits from it. They gain confidence and become more competent and fluent with their body movements, having lots of fun in the process.

Our DanceXChange coaches make their sessions challenging, energetic and very enjoyable!

Dance Club

Keeping up with the steps to learn a new routine

Football Club

Seb from Sporting Elite runs football clubs for Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6.

The children play football in teams whilst practicing key skills such as communication, tactical awareness and co-ordination.

Football Club

Learning football skills

Forest School After School Club

In Forest School club we have been having a great time looking and learning about our world.

We have been planting many different plants and even had a worm race.

Gardening Club

Our gardeners have been doing a great job ever since the summer term. We’ve tidied, cleared and planted in the flower beds, and added a number of features to attract more wildlife including bird feeders and bug hotels.

The children are really enjoying learning some new skills and seeing the difference their hard work makes to our school environment.

Thanks to Mrs Aslam too, who is a regular volunteer supporting this club.

Football Club

Tending to our flower beds

Maths Club

Mrs Khan invites you to enjoy some maths activities after school. These include playing MyMaths and other educational games online as well as playing other maths games to practice and apply our maths skills.

Maths Club

Learning maths online

Multi-Skills Club

Seb from Sporting Elite runs a multi-skills club for children after school. This is run as a girls multi-skills for pupils in Year 3 and upwards on Wednesdays and for Key Stage 1 pupils on Thursdays.

In this club they practice lots of key skills involved in PE such as spacial awareness, hand-eye co-ordination and travelling in various ways. This is taught through many different sporting games and activities such as traffic lights, sharks/fishes and ball games.

Multi-Sports Club

Coach Connor works with us two days a week and delivers before school multi-sports clubs on each of those days to a range of children in different year groups.

These are well attended and the children love trying different activities including hockey and football, although dodgeball remains the firm favourite for most!

Recorder Club

Children playing different sports

Recorder Club

Miss Ward and her recorder club meet once a week after school to practice their new craft. We are aiming to be fantastic enough to play in mass soon.

Recorder Club

Children playing their recorders